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Corporate Headquarters:
19484 Poppytree Ct.
Lehigh Acres, FL 33936
Phone: (239) 297-9447
Fax: (619) 924-5228 President: Tina O'Connell

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Scuba Lessons Inc. Co-Op Believes it is our responsibility as underwater explorers to protect and serve the areas of ocean we visit and love.

Scuba Lessons Inc has therefore started a new dive club called "The Conservation Club" You can join the club FREE by clicking here.

The Florida Conservation Dive Club

Our Conservation club is a FREE Membership which includes members of all ages and experience levels who enjoy sharing in the great sites, dive planning, working on eco missions, coral restoration, marine mammel studies and rescues, educational programs and tremendous amount of fun we all have just diving together.

Conservation Kids Program

Our Conservation Kids Scholarship Program is one of the most impactful programs we have ever supported. This program was deveoped by Ms. Dori Mirkow-Brenes to award scuba training scholarships and resources like websites, equipment, underwater cameras, eductional programs and materials and awareness support and materials to children between 10 and 18 years old who show exemplary passion and heart and effort in underwater conservation. This is a Scuba Lessons Inc. directly sponsered program and we put allot of effort into it.

I as an adult can talk all day long about all the many issues in underwater conservation that desperately need awareness and effort by so many people and people would normally refer to me as a 'Tree Hugger.' But when an adorable 10 year old says the exact same thing everyone around, stops, turns and really really listens to everything they say and it makes all the difference. It is because of this and the words of our Conservation Kids Co-Founder Ms. Dori Mirkow that we have started a conservation kids award program. We have decided to personally provide scuba certification training and/or equipment to children who show exemplary efforts in conservation and provide resources that they may need like underwater cameras, equipment, websites, marketing materials, educational or demonstrational materials. Now there is not a ton of money in scuba but there are some HUGE hearts and we do everything we can. We cannot do this for every child, only the ones who are strong enough to make an impact in underwater conservation. What kind of impact you ask? Well here is a perfecrt example of all that one of our scholarship award winners accomplished in a few short years at her tender young age. Cori McWilliams has an amazing love and passion for the protection and care of sea turtles and works very very hard to help them in every way she can. Take a look at what her life is like and ask yourself before you request this scholarship, do you measure up? Maybe you have not gone this far but your on your way. Well call Tina O'Connell to apply and let us know what you are doing. We will do anything we can for kids who really put this kind of effort into conservation. Tina can be reached directly at 321.299.5796

Here are some of the programs we curently have in place, support, sponor or founded now:

- We are a proud Field Station. We promote counts of fish on the reefs as we dive normally anyway. Using forms and underwater slates and pencils we simply record the fish and submit our results of the surveys online at It is easy and free way to help researchers by letting them see the results of the data collected they can get support for ecology programs and study and learn more about the reef systems and effects of man made issues on these reefs. It is is easy to be a part of this effort. First Join Reef as a member by going to this web page: Member Registration Then watch thisvideo to learn how to do the survey's correctly when you do your next dive. And Lastly learn how to identify the fish! Once you do a few survey's give us a call. We can provide testing and certificates for passing these exams and proving your expertise in fish identification!

M.A.R.S. (Marine Animal Rescue Society of SW Florida)

We also sponsor and started M.A.R.S. Marine Animal Rescue Society of SW Florida and we partner with state and grass roots wildlife rescue organizations and send volunteers to efforts to rescue stranded or in danger marine mammels. Using boats, divers and volunteers we can make a difference. Once you join the conservation club you will get newsletters on how you can help with emergency efforts for strandings and how you can take additional volunteer training in animal handeling and care. These classes are rare and are time intensive but for those that participate the rewards of what you accomplish is worth the effort!

We are Reef Ball on Coral Restoration - if you want to know how You Can Help! Join our meet up club and watch for training and in water events and learn how you can help and get in the water planting reefs and coral and making a difference! We will be following up with planning for a major reef ball coral restoration project for our club! Join the club and see the newsletters for more information on this project!

Saving Sharks

Shark Angels, Shark Whispering.. want to get up close an personal with a shark or help in tagging effortsshark tags for shark research programs? How about educational programs to teach the general public about the dangers of depleting the worlds sharks by finning! You can join the conservation club and get emailed information on projects we have going on with Shark Protection! The next Shark Tagging research dive is on July 19th and again on August 29th. You can find out by emailing Dori, Mom of Sara the Shark Whisperer directly at: Also by getting our newsletter we will update you with research dives and shark educational events, ecology programs and dives when they happen!

Dolphin Research Database

Snap pictures of dolphin dorsal fins and submit with GPS coordinates. We will then submit data to dolphin research teams in Sarasota bay, Tampa Bay and the Gulf. It is that easy. Submit photos and coordinates to anytime!

Manatee Educational Programs

3 times a year in the winter months we sponsor a snorkel with the manatees and on the way out and back and during the day we provide a manatee educational program that teaches you all about manatees. Join the Conservation Club to get notified of these events!


Nations Kid's Scuba Outreach

Kids in the city need to excercise, stay off the streets, away from the drugs and keep busy! Interceed in the life of a disadvantaged inner-city child who does not have the money to afford to scuba dive or learn how. We are calling for volunteer instructors in the Ft. Myers area who are willing to join with Nation's Charity and sponsor or provide FREE scuba training for these kids. We would like to build this into a program where by the older teen children can go pro and become divemasters and interns for our local dive shops. Essentially offering them a career path that beats the drugs on the street or other trouble they would get into. This keeps kids busy and happy and healthy! You don't have to be an instructor to help. You can sponsor a child for only $179 to cover the costs for their scuba certification, tank fills, c-card, training dives and more. Be a part of it by emailing me today: for more information.

Fin's Not Needed

This program supports soldiers returning from war with injuries. By providing free scuba classes for these soldiers they realize they don't need legs to get around comfortably underwater. This is a world the freedom they fought for can finally be felt! Be a part of this program by sponsoring a soldier or if your an isntructor who is HSA certified please join our efforts by offering free training to these soliders! Give back as they gave so much to you! Also if you have PTSD we offer therapy dives to help bring peace to your mind. Underwater the bullets don't fly by and you don't hear the explosions anymore. Call Tina O'Connell at 321.299.5796 to find out more or schedule a session.

Have an underwater ecology project you want to list here? Just email me the info to share it with our club members: