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Please see the most frequently asked questions and answers below.

Q. How long is the Open Water Scuba Certification Class?

A. We teach both NAUI and PADI Scuba classes. There are a total of 6 dives to become NAUI certified and 5 dives to become PADI certified. We can do between 1 to 2 dives per session. We generally will schedule 3-4 total training sessions total to complete your certification class. If you need more time we can provide an additional session.


Q. What is and what is not included in the $459.99 open water fee?

A. The $459.99 Open Water Class price includes the following:

-NAUI: Book Pack which includes Open Water Student Training Manual, 2 DVD Training Videos, Online Training Code for Web Training, NAUI Dive Tables, Workbook & other goodies. (You choose how you want to learn online, book or videos-only 1 option is needed for study, you just have a choice of any of the three with NAUI)

-PADI: Training Manual, PADI Dive Tables & Goodies

-BOTH Equipment needed for training - Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD) (Dive Vest), Regulators, Wetsuit if weather/temperature requires it, guages, safety equipment and tanks. We provide all needed loaner equipment for your classes.


Basic Gear Pack: Scuba Mask, Snorkel, Dive Boots, Fins (We have a beginning scuba set in our online store available for only $89.95, available in Pink, Blue or Yellow) We do have spare discovery dive used starter packs you can use at no cost if you do not have these four items in time for your class and we do not charge a fee for this. Most boats and/or dive shops do not rent this gear as it is normally required in an open water class because after you graduate you usually can not rent these items, but can the other items needed to dive. We do prever however you wait until after your first class where you learn how to properly fit equipment and some basics on the equipment differences to go out and purchase gear.

Boat, Pool & Park Fees: (3-4 sessions consist of 2 pool sessions and 2 open water sessions) Pool fees are $10 per session, Boat fees (OPTIONAL) are $69 for 2 dives/1 day, Park fees vary as follows: DeLeon Springs and Blue Springs $10.50 per diver, Lake Denton (also a spring fed lake) $10.00, Devil's Den Spring $32.00, Blue Grotto Springs $32.00, Blue Heron Bridge FREE!, Crystal River $32.00, Ginni Springs $29.00, Venice Beach FREE!, Jupiter Beach $80. Our site listis growing and more will be added here soon.

Q. Where are the classes?

A. We generally teach either in aquatic centers with heated pools in the winters, local crystal clear Florida Springs like Three Sisters, De Leon Springs, Blue Springs, Devil's Den, Blue Grotto, Ginnie Springs, Lake Denton or beaches like Phil Foster Park at the Blue Heron Bridge, Clearwater or Venice Beach, FL where someone just trying scuba for the first time can take away little treasures like old sharks teeth or sand dollars for thier first dive souvineer. We train and dive in the club all year long. In the winter cuteturtle1months the springs are a balmy 72 degrees and in the summer we are usually east coast diving in the salty realm. We also partner with the best dive boat in West Palm Beach, FL the Sandy's Sunday for terrific deals for our club members.

Scuba Lessons Inc. has programs to learn scuba from ages 8 and up! Scuba is great family fun! We have adventure dives for beginners to try scuba all the way up to leadership level scuba training.

Scuba Lessons, Inc. has an online store for all your scbua gear too.

Our dive club includes members of all ages and experience levels who enjoy sharing in the great sites, dive planning and tremendous amount of fun we all have together.