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Scuba Lessons Inc. Co-Op Believes it is our responsibility as underwater explorers to protect and serve the areas of ocean we visit and love. As a service to those who have gracefully joined our conservation club and to do fish survey's we have included links to various fish identification sites across the web for your use. We will be incorporating later a database that will be searchable along with a training module that will be interactive. Check back soon for this!

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Here are some other great links to keep your brain swimming underwater...

Often I am amazed by the beauty in the hearts of children. We at Scuba Lessons Inc. are all very touched to have received this letter from some amazing kids and not only do I wish to honor them by posting the research they so generously shared; I feel it only appropriate to post the entire letter. Please find it below as well as the information they contributed. Good Stuff!

Good day, from Mrs. Rutkowski's Independent Environmental Science Class!

Mrs. Rutkowski is our advisor for the environmental science independent study class. She advises us with our science course the six of us are taking at Elm Grove Area Community Services Center, in order to obtain college credit. We are currently working on a research project that was assigned to us about the environment. We all have a 20 page paper we have to write and a presentation to follow concerning conservation, pollution, and global warming. We have spend countless hours at home and with Mrs. Rutkowski doing research, which is where some of us came across this page ( We shared it with the rest of our classmates, and we all agree it was indeed very helpful for our project. Thank you for providing this page for us!

We brought an idea to Mrs. Rutkowski, which is why she wrote to you on our behalf. We have all found plenty of research, and we wanted to add what we found to your page. We wanted to share with others about environmental awareness and protection so people can be proactive now.

Here is what we found that we thought would be the best fit:

Built Green ( Heating Up: Truth About Global Warming (

Be a Green Driver (

Saving Energy (

How to Go Green with Your Vehicle (

Greenhouse Effect (

What is My Carbon Footprint? (

Thank you for reading our idea and we hope this will help anyone who comes across your resources looking for more information. Mrs. Rutkowski has offered to give us extra credit until Thursday for this project if our resources are added to your page. We hope together we can share new ideas about how to save our environment!

Kind regards,

Adelina Rutkowski and the Independent Environmental Science Class

Adrianna, Francis, Adam, Kevin, Cynthia, Robert-

This is what Scuba Lessons Inc. Conservation Club is all about.. theses guys all HONORARY MEMBERS! Let me know when you guys are ready to learn to scuba dive!